Access to dock area

How to get access

The port of Bergen is subject to the ISPS (International Ship and Port Facility Security Code). This is an international standard aimed at preventing and combating terrorism, sabotage, and other criminal activities. The port of Bergen has Dokken and Skolten designated as ISPS port facilities and holds the necessary certificates to receive vessels in international traffic. The port of Bergen is committed to ensuring health, environment, and safety for everyone present in the port. All individuals moving within the area must wear high-visibility clothing. High-visibility clothing is mandatory at Dokken and Jekteviken, and we also recommend wearing it at Skolten. If you don't have your own high-visibility clothing, you can find vests inside the locker at the entrance. If you have frequent business in the port, you can apply for permanent access by using the application form provided (PDF). You must also complete the Security Agreement for Operators (PDF). Anyone seeking permanent access to The port of Bergen must complete an ISPS course before we can issue access cards. You can sign up for the course via the link below. A Security Agreement for Operators must always be in place before applying for access cards and permits for ISPS port facilities.

Port inspector


Simplifies access to the port

SmartGate is a digitization project aimed at simplifying access to our areas. Learn more about the project and its progress here.

The project is being implemented in two phases, where phase 1 involves the introduction of access fees, and phase 2 involves the implementation of a digital application for temporary access.

Passage fee prices

Prices withough permanent access:
Large vehicles – above 3,5 tonn (per passage): NOK 50,-
Small vehicles – under 3,5 tonn (per passage): NOK 40,-

Prices with a permanent access:
Large vehicles – above 3,5 tonn (per passage): NOK 25,-
Small vehicles – under 3,5 tonn (per passage): NOK 20,-

A maximum of 5 passages will be charged each day. Only incoming passages are charged.

Inquiries regarding the passage fee can be sent to:

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