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The port of Bergen is a regional hub for goods transported by sea. Its location in downtown Bergen provides a good starting point for fast and cost-effective distribution of goods around Bergen and the Vestlandet region. The port has a large quay capacity and competent operators capable of handling all types of cargo. Cargo activity at the public quays in Bergen has shown good growth in recent years. In order for cargo owners to achieve their environmental goals, there is increasing interest in shipping goods by sea. Due to desired urban development in the Dokken port area, the cargo activity must relocate to a new location by 2027. The port of Bergen has therefore purchased a larger port area in Ågotnes as preparation for this relocation. The planning of the new cargo port and the relocation of other port operations from Dokken and Jektevikten are currently being assessed.

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Liner companies and operators in the Port of Bergen

Greenport Services AS - avd Bergen, Damsgårdsveien 163C, 5160 LAKSEVÅG

Greenport Services AS is a part of JAS Worldwide, Norway and serves as the operator for MSC, Maersk, NCL, and Arctic Line in the Port of Bergen. They are located at Shed 40 in the port.

Westport Bergen AS, O J Brochsgate, 5006 BERGEN - Skur 30

Westport Bergen AS is located at Shed 30 and is operator for Samskip, Norlines og Sea-Cargo.

Bergen Havneservice AS, Skoltegrunnskaien, 5003 BERGEN

Bergen Havneservice AS is located in the Bring terminal in Jekteviken, and is operator for Fjord Line.

Phone: 55364141


MSC has an office in Lysaker, outside Oslo, and in the fall of 2022, they launched their own feeder service on the West Coast of Norway, sailing from Bremerhaven.

The vessel calls at Bergen on a weekly basis, and they utilize GreenPort Services as the operator in Bergen (see separate information about operators).

Maersk Line

Maersk Line has its headquarters in Copenhagen but also has a significant Norwegian branch located in Lysaker, outside of Oslo.

For many years, the company has operated a feeder service along the west coast of Norway, with weekly calls at Bergen.

The operator for Maersk Line is GreenPort Services AS (refer to separate information about operators).

Samskip / Nor Lines

The Dutch transport company Samskip has branches in many ports along the coast, including Bergen. The office in Bergen is managed by Nor-Lines, which is a company within the Samskip group.

Samskip has several vessels that call at Bergen on a weekly basis, and these are operated by Westport Bergen AS (refer to separate information about operators).

North Sea Container Line

North Sea Container Line (NCL) is an integrated container shipping company with a large and well-developed network in Europe and Norway. The company was established in 1994 and has its headquarters in Haugesund.

NCL calls at Bergen with multiple ships on a weekly basis and has its main international destinations in Moerdijk, near Rotterdam, Bremerhaven, and Hamburg. In Norway, they call at several ports along the west coast and further north.

The company has a couple of exciting new builds underway, scheduled for delivery in 2024. These vessels will operate on methanol and will utilize shore power, making the freight transport with these ships highly environmentally friendly.

The operator for the company in Bergen is GreenPort Services AS (refer to separate information about operators).

Sea Cargo

Sea-Cargo is a Bergen-based company with Seatrans AS as its main owner. The company was established in 2001 following the merger of the liner activities of Seatrans and Nor-Cargo.

Sea-Cargo owns and operates a modern fleet of multipurpose vessels, offering a wide range of transportation options along the coast. While the headquarters is in Bergen, the company also has branches in Denmark, the Netherlands, and the UK.

Several of Sea-Cargo's vessels call at Bergen on a weekly basis with high frequency, playing a crucial role in the city's cargo market.

The company has its own agent office in Bergen Port through Sea-Cargo Agencies and utilizes Westport as the operator for its operations at the quay (refer to separate information about operators).

Fjord Line

Fjord Line is Norway's second-largest ferry company for passenger and freight traffic between Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

With daily sailings to and from Bergen, Stavanger, and Hirtshals, the company is a crucial foundation for freight traffic on the West Coast of Norway towards Denmark and the continent.

The route is served by the vessels MS Bergensfjord and MS Stavangerfjord, which arrive at 12:30 and depart at 13:30.

While the company's headquarters are in Egersund, they have a large branch office at the Jekteviksterminalen in Bergen with dozens of employees responsible for activities beyond Bergen.

The cargo operator for the company is Bergen Havneservice AS (refer to separate information about operators).

Ulvan Rederi

Egil Ulvan Rederi AS is based in Trondheim and has a fleet of six vessels that sail along the Norwegian coast, with some routes including a stop in Hanstholm, Denmark.

Ulvan's vessels regularly visit Bergen with several of their ships and utilize Kyst 1 / Norlines (see information about operators) as their operator when visiting the port.

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