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A sustainable cruiseport

A sustainable cruiseport

The port of Bergen is Norway's largest cruise port and one of the largest cruise ports in Northern Europe. The port actively works towards developing a more sustainable and environmentally friendly cruise tourism industry and features Europe's largest shore power facility for cruise ships. This facility allows three ships to connect simultaneously and operate emission-free while in port. The port also imposes restrictions on the number of ships and passengers, capping it at a maximum of four ships and 8,000 cruise passengers per day. Furthermore, the Port of Bergen has developed the EPI (Environmental Port Index), a system to calculate environmentally differentiated port fees based on the emissions of ships while they are in the port. By rewarding ships with the lowest emissions and thus the lowest environmental impact, the goal is to attract precisely these types of ships. EPI is now implemented by 19 Norwegian ports, as well as the ports in Reykjavik and Lisbon. Please also visit www.epiport.org.

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Berth reservation

The NOx Tier I criterion will apply to all berth reservations. Tier I was introduced by IMO for ships built on or after 1. January 2000. According to the 2018 statistics, approximately 1f cruise ships calling at Port of Bergen were built prior to 2000. Such ships need to document Tier I compliance when making berth reservations.

The Port of Bergen will confirm requests for berth reservations if there are berths available and the ship meets one of the following criteria:

  1. Has shore power (cold ironing) interface according to IEC80005-1; or
  2. Is a turnaround call; or
  3. Has NOx Tier I engines or equivalent.

For ships where the keel was laid ahead of the year 2000, appropriate documentation includes either: a valid EIAPP certificate, or a measurement report (from an accredited laboratory stating engine-specific NOx factor, and a calculation concluding that the weighted specific NOx emission level complies with IMO Tier I emission level at the applicable engine speed).

It is important to note that the berth reservation criteria is independent of the environmental performance reporting request for departing cruise ships.

Berth reservation contact:
Frode Sagmo, Cruise coordinator, frode.sagmo@bergenhavn.no

Technical contact:
Even Husby, Environmental manager, even.husby@bergenhavn.no

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