Published: 06.09.23

Hunting for plastic

Hunting for plastic
As part of the "Plastic Patrol" project, Bergen Port has today been on a plastic and litter hunt with the workboat Nordnes in Byfjorden.

- Welcome on board

Lasse Dale the operations manager at the Port of Bergen, welcomes us aboard the hybrid workboat Nordnes. A boat that often trawls the waters in and around Bergen on assignments from the owner municipalities of the Port of Bergen.

Today, the Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue (Redningsselskapet) and the Plastic Patrol are the clients. As part of the Plastic Patrol in Bergen, we are searching for plastic and waste in Byfjorden.

The route is set; We will go from Jekteviken to Kvarven, then to Laksevåg and Småpudden. Then back along the quays.

Bergen Port, volunteers from the Norwegian Society for the Conservation of Nature (Naturvernforbundet), Bergen Municipality, Clear Ocean, Bergen and Omland Outdoor Council, Norsk Gjenvinning, and the Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue have entered into a collaboration and encourage boaters to join in cleaning up plastic and waste along our beautiful Norwegian coast.

On this September day, the fjord is calm and still. The first stop is Kvarven. There is no plastic to be seen here, but an old illegal trap is pulled up.

Along the Laksevåg side, we find some plastic, and on the rest of the trip, we pick up some plastic, several traps and smaller floating objects. Fortunately, the plastic catch was not so significant on this day, and it generally looked tidy and clean along the quays and rocks. But we would be happy to retake the trip.

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