Published: 31.10.23

Bruce Springsteen is going to perform in the Port of Bergen

Bruce Springsteen is going to perform in the Port of Bergen
On July 21st of next year, Dokken will host the biggest concert in the history of Bergen. The concert will be the band's only performance in Norway, and the audience capacity will be 45,000.

-We find this to be an incredibly exciting project and want to contribute to something that is positive for the city and for the audience, says director Michal Forland of the Port of Bergen.

Together with concert organizer Bergen Live, the Port of Bergen has been planning Dokken as a temporary concert venue for a long time. A concert at Dokken in July 2022 was announced, but due to uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, the concert was canceled. However, the tour is now confirmed, and the concert in Bergen will be the only performance featuring Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band in Norway in 2024.

At Dokken, around 20,000 square meters of container area will be transformed into a gigantic concert arena, with the containers forming the frame around the concert by being moved out and around the concert area. In addition to framing the concert arena, they will also serve as a buffer against the sea and help to reduce noise in the surroundings outside the concert area.

How will this affect Bergen Harbor's activities?

"It will not have such a significant impact on the activity, except for some limitations in the area in the days leading up to the concert and on the concert day itself when we may have to close most of the operations", says Nils Møllerup, Marketing Manager at the Port of Bergen. He further explains that both cruise ships, Fjordline, and the Coastal Route will come and go as usual during this time.

An exciting project for the Port of Bergen

How significant of an undertaking will this be?

"It is primarily Bergen Live that will be doing the heavy lifting here, but it will also be a demanding task for us since it is the first time we are involved in something like this," says Møllerup.

Fortunately, we have experience from events such as the Tall Ships Races and Fjordsteam, but this is the first time we are involved in organizing a major concert.

"We have had a good dialogue with Bergen Live since they first approached us with the idea, and we believe this will be a successful event. Additionally, we find that the businesses located within Dokken are positive, which has been significant for us to say yes to the concert," says Michal Forland.

Will there be more concerts?

"We will have to consider that once we have gathered experiences from this concert. Right now, our focus is on ensuring a great concert experience at Dokken," concludes Forland.

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