Published: 08.06.23

The sewage system at Skolten is ready for use

Sewage system connection point
Kloakkanlegget for skip og bygg på Skolten er nå ferdigstilt. Fra nå av vil kloakk og gråvann gå fra mottakspunktene i havnen gå direkte inn i det kommunale avløpsnettet.

After a long process of delays due to Covid and challenges with equipment deliveries, the sewage system for ships and buildings at Skolten, Bontelabo, and Festningskaien is finally ready for use.

The facility will receive greywater, which includes wastewater from sinks, showers, and washing machines, as well as sewage from toilets. This will then flow into the municipal sewer system. It is designed for automatic reception and will be used by all vessels according to an agreement.

The cost of the facility is approximately 17 million Norwegian kroner.

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